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How CBD Helps Cancer Patients Suffering From Radiation Burns & More

By Rx Canna Care

Cancer has unfortunately impacted so many lives, and just about everyone has loved ones who have suffered through the diagnosis and prognosis. If you ask anyone who’s had to endure the terrible process of chemotherapy and radiation, they’ll likely have a list of awful side effects that they dealt with along with the treatment. Whether it’s nausea, appetite loss, pain, skin burns, or fatigue, the challenges a person has to go through, during and after treatment is extensive to say the least.

She Sparkels On

Reactions to radiation have the tendency to start during the second or third week of treatment and some may last for several weeks after the final treatment. “Palliative” care, included in a patient’s treatment plan, focuses on helping cancer patients prevent, manage, and relieve the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment. Professionals delivering this care have a responsibility for helping patients better understand their prognosis and goals of treatment, while helping them maintain their quality of life. Thus, it’s especially important that they are informed on all solutions for side effects that their patients should consider during treatment, including cannabis-based solutions like CBD.

Fortunately, professionals who provide this care are beginning to pay close attention to the advancements in Medical Marijuana because of recent research and the plants’ potential in alleviating many of the side effects patients have to go through. Why is this so necessary? High doses of radiation therapy are used to destroy cancer cells but healthy cells and tissue can also be damaged along the way. And, although there have been major advances in radiation technology, there are still side effects that nearly every patient has to endure.

As discussed in this recent Entrepreneur article:

“the National Cancer Institute is also not yet singing the praises of cannabis but it is recognizing that potential benefits exist for people who live with cancer, including pain relief, stimulated appetite and improved sleep. Physicians caring for cancer patients in the United States have begun prescribing cannabis predominantly for symptom management, not as a cancer treatment.”

For cancer patients, it’s not as easy as taking a trip to the pharmacy to find different medications for their side effects. Solutions that the average person relies on may not be an option for these patients given their compromised immune systems as well as how certain medications, ointments, and oils may react with radiation. Cannabis, on the other hand, is a natural, safe alternative whose chemical composition can be altered in such a way that different dosages and combinations of compounds THC and CBD can help with many of these side effects, especially if used correctly and with the proper regimen. This is why RxCannaCare is so passionate about helping people live better and healthier lives.

The reason we started this company years ago was to provide a natural, effective solution for people with hard to treat skin conditions, and a year into business, we also saw a need to help patients fighting cancer maintain their quality of life. What’s the story here?

In the beginning of 2016, we were approached by a close family friend, Meghan, who at the very young age of 26 received a traumatizing breast cancer diagnosis. She was desperate for a solution to the side effects she was enduring during radiation, and we felt it was our obligation to help. The founder’s expertise in the industry and his desire to provide effective, individualized care, helped this cancer patient with her radiation burns and nausea.

Meghan, known by her followers as She Sparkles On, has been empowering and helping people who are battling cancer since her prognosis. Below we share an excerpt from her blog where she talks about her experience with our creams and tinctures:

“To my surprise, my doctors were SHOCKED by the effects and the outcome of my skin care and ultimately my little research project I decided to undergo. I applied my cream in the morning and >1 hr prior to sessions, right after treatment, and before bed so about 2-3x/ day. Now, something I didn’t know is that you should be moisturizing the entire radiated and SURROUNDING areas including your back if you are getting radiation to your breasts. In my case, I wasn’t instructed to moisturize my back and arm pit therefore I did burn however once I felt the burning occur, I started hydrating instantly and was able to catch it before scarring occurred.”

We want to be able to help more people like Meghan with our products. It is simply our responsibility to do so. So if you, or someone you know, could benefit from a CBD regimen, we would like to offer you 20% off. Use the code “SparkleON” to receive your special discount.

If CBD has made a difference in your life or in that of someone you know, we want to hear! Email us at to share your story.

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