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Pinkman Goo: Plant Guttation by Cali Crop Doc

Have you ever seen a cannabis strain that produces sap like a pine tree? One Southern Californian grower has created an indica strain unlike any other. Pinkman Goo, a strain developed by CaliCropDoc, produces a syrup-like resin that seeps out from calyxes just like sticky pine sap. Here’s why this one-of-a-kind strain is so gooey.

Pinkman Goo is one unique strain

Pinkman Goo is cannabis elevated. This indica strain produces a full droplet of resin, similar to the sticky sap found on the outside of pine trees. Such a strain is a rarity, and the stabilization of Pinkman Goo is certainly a step up in growing and cultivation.

In laboratory tests, the pinky resin from Pinkman Goo tested 4% higher in THC than resin from a non-gooey flower. The sap oozes out from between leaf margins and the bottoms of the calyx. Nighttime photosynthesis pushes plant resins up through the stem and seeps out from wherever it can.

The strain’s unique ability to produce this sap so frequently is thought to be a genetic trait, though the overall grow environment can have an impact on whether or not this process occurs.

Perhaps a bit like maple syrup, the concentrated resin from Pinkman Goo has a sweeter taste and aroma. Some suspect that the sap contains sugar crystals, that come out in the form of a sweat. The end result is a strain that looks like it has produced its own rose-colored dew droplets.

Apart from the impressive stickiness, this one-of-a-kind flower also has some seriously good looks. The leaves feature a beautiful purple-rimmed coloration and dense purple tinted buds.

This strain tests at around 18% THC, making it quite potent. The overall effects of this flower are peaceful and relaxed, and the strain features a soothing earthy aroma overall.

Pinkman Goo was developed by grower Twompson Prater of CaliCropDoc. He inherited his gifted cultivation skills from his father and grandfather, who had purple thumbs themselves. Prater’s fifteen years of experience in medical cannabis cultivation shines through in the obvious craftsmanship behind Pinkman Goo.

CaliCropDoc wants you to know that it is possible to increase resin and coax a sappy goo from your cannabis plants. Prater offers free cannabis education through his website.

Medical and recreational growers alike can learn from Prater’s experiments, which include side by side testing, grow journals, and product reviews. Prater began CaliCropDoc to help growers sort through all of the misinformation out there and utilize safe methods that work.

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