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Seniors are Flocking to the Cannabis Industry Faster Than Anyone, Here’s why!

America’s largest generation has shown a growing interest in the Cannabis Industry. Just between 2013 and 2014 (nearly 3 years ago) the stats showed that Cannabis use among those who are 55+ went from 2.8 million to 4.3 million. We could only imagine how high this number is now. And while some may think Baby Boomers are trying relive the 60’s, there’s a much more important reason for seniors affinity to the market, pain and aging.

According to the Berkeley Patients Care Collective, if you were to note the ailments that cannabis is most effective against, seniors are the ones who suffer from nearly all of those to some degree: insomnia, reduced appetite, pain associated with inflammation of joints & stiffness of limbs, and reduced energy.

These burdens are a daily (and painful) challenge for this population. Also, seniors, who account for 14% of our nation’s population, are using more than 30% of all prescription drugs. This number is outstanding and terrifying. These prescription meds includes highly addictive painkillers and often this population isn’t relying on just one medication. Seniors are accustomed to drugs like Vicodin and opioids for pain, two drugs which can be very dangerous if not taken properly. Unfortunately, this population is prone to accidental overdose and problems that arise from mixing other medication, these problems can be fatal. Many of these seniors also know that the overuse of opioid pain medications is a real concern, and would rather turn to a more natural form of symptom relief.

A plant like cannabis, with endless potential, is giving these seniors a nearly harmless alternative for addressing their ailments.

“There is increasing evidence that cannabis is helpful in the management of certain kinds of pain,” shared Dr. Igor Grant. Dr. Grant is one of the few researchers to receive government funding for cannabis research. He chairs the Department of Psychology at UCSD. Seniors who have battled cancer and endured chemotherapy, those who have diabetes, and arthritis are often helped by the plant.

Sue Taylor, a Cannabis advocate, shared that her number one problem is arthritis. She uses topical cannabis products to ease her arthritis pain, and edibles for better sleep. In her words “Seniors don’t want to get high; they want to get well,” said Taylor. “And the cannabis helps.”

A study dating back to 1988, even showed that CBD could be 4 times more effective than aspirin. More recently, research published in the European Pharmaceutical Review showed that Cannabinoids are suitable for migraine prevention.

Although the research on marijuana is promising, this doesn’t mean that Baby Boomers are immediately lighting up a joint or running to the dispensaries. The stigma is still there, and being labeled as a stoner or pot smoker isn’t something they want. This is why products with CBD only, Like our THC-free skincare line, or those with very low doses of THC, are attractive. Seniors who are new to cannabis would prefer a product that doesn’t make them “high”.

For those who are not opposed to the high, solutions with a low level of THC have proved helpful as a sleep aid, as shared by Cannabis advocate Sue Taylor.

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